We are specialists in the use of adventure and community and are

intentional about the experiences we create for our guests at Medeba.


2 boys climbing the artificial ice wallLearning should be fun, and adventure is an ideal tool to make learning enjoyable! Adventure takes place when exciting, new experiences challenge you to push your personal limits. At Medeba, adventure learning occurs in small groups as trained leaders help guests learn from their experiences and apply the lessons to real life. 

Challenges like white-water kayaking, ice climbing, and high ropes elements are custom-designed to teach life skills like co-operation, communication, trust, and problem solving. At Medeba we encourage personal growth in all areas of life-- physical, intellectual, social and spiritual.

We welcome and accept guests from all backgrounds without discrimination, and as Christians, we believe that having a relationship with God is the ultimate adventure. Medeba is a safe place to ask questions and explore faith, and care is taken to ensure young people are treated gently and appropriately when discussing spiritual matters. 



4 boys and their cabin leader with arms around each other at evening program


We are intentional about the use of community to foster friendship and allow individuals to safely explore and learn in a supportive environment of encouragement and acceptance. When arriving at Medeba, each guest will join a small community within the larger group for accommodation and then be guided by trained leaders throughout their stay.

Because we have designed our program and facilities to promote community, we desire each guest to disengage from their current communities, in order to fully engage in the temporary community they join at Medeba.

In our summer camp programs the best way to fully connect with others in the present is to limit technology use while at Medeba, especially cell phone use for texting and social media. We encourage guests to leave their devices at home or in their bags as much as possible while experiencing life at Medeba.