Our Desire:

To challenge young people to continually say “yes” to God.
What do we mean? - As a Christian organization we believe that God is the author of life. We desire to see young people recognize that there is a God who created and loves them, wants to be connected with them and provides meaning and purpose for their life.

How do we accomplish our desire?

  • Fun and exciting activities not readily available at home
  •  Activities that take us out of our comfort zone and open us up to learning
  • Helps people learn about themselves and where they want to grow
  • With intentional facilitaion  youth move through the process of desired change
  • Provides a place to belong while being yourself
  • Connects youth to a new culture, opens eyes for growth
  • Disconnects people from current distractions and anxieties
  • Positive environment focused on youth for an extended period of time
Camper going up the rock climbing wall


Overall Mission:

Our mission is to use adventure and community
to challenge young people to continually say “yes” to God
What do we mean? -  Adventure and community experiences are wonderful ways for young people to discover things about themselves, about God and how the two relate. We are very concerned with using a safe and responsible approach when ministering to young people in our care. It is very important to us that we are providing a physically, socially and spiritually safe environment where no one is forced, coerced or emotionally pushed to accept any truth or make any decision.



Mission Strategy:

  1. Ministering directly to young people
  2. Partnering with youth leaders from other organizations to support them in impacting young people
  3. Training leaders to work with youth
  4. Developing the ministry tool of Christian Adventure Programming
  5. Freely sharing what works well in our organization with other like minded organizations

Group picture  of campers at the lake in a kayaking class



Programs to Accomplish our Mission Strategy:

Ministering Directly: to young people

  • Summer Camp for boys and girls ages 6-17
    • over 1 thousand weeks of summer camp with many children experiencing positive life change.
  • Outdoor Education for grades 6-12 and university groups
    • Over 2,000 young people visit Medeba and experience an adventure program designed to challenge and inspire them.

Partnering with Existing Youth Leaders: to minister to young people

  • Hosting weekend Retreats for youth groups
    • Over 2,000 young people come to Medeba for retreats each year. We support existing youth leaders by hosting and facilitating their group to help them meet their objectives.

Training Leaders: to minister to young people

  • Proságo - 10-month Leadership Development Program, post-secondary level program
    • 12 participants join us each year and we train them in four key leadership disciplines, Discernment, Guiding, Communication and Empowerment. This is accomplished through workshops, sessions, trips, expeditions, and practical leadership opportunities.
  • Leader In Training program – 2-month Leadership Development program for ages 15-16
    • 36 participants are trained every year in preparation to become leaders in their communities and potential staff for our summer program

Developing Ministry Tools: to increase effectiveness of impact on young people

  • Medeba Activity Team - development of adventure activities
  • Publishing Materials about adventure from a Christian perspective
    • Our Executive Director has published a book to explore, define and understand the value of adventure programming from God's perspective.

Sharing with Other Organizations:

  • “Medeba Shares” consulting work.
    • Medeba’s Executive team is committed to ministering to other organizations that have a similar mission.