ice climbing at Medeba Summer Camp, ontario

Outdoor Education

Shed the handcuffs of the traditional classroom!

Learning in the outdoors changes everything!

Experience the Medeba Difference!

  • Facilitated adventure based activities

  • Located 2.5 hours north of the GTA

  • Generous amount of nutritional food (special diet friendly)

  • Accommodate up to 180 students

  • Modern facilities available year-round

  • Leaders in the development and implementation of risk management

Outdoor Education

Don't miss out on more opportunities for your youth this year! Medeba is open to guest groups of up to 180 people!

Outdoor education allows you to shed the handcuffs of the traditional classroom and add alternative learning opportunities to challenge your students. Medeba will use adventure and community to help provide meaningful learning opportunities in an inclusive and positive environment that they won't get anywhere else.

Take your students' learning to new heights with a facilitated adventure experience at Medeba!

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Our Facilitators work for you

We provide the program to complement your learning goals.

student participating in giant swing

Extensive Adventure Activities

Dozens of adventure activities to meet all your experiential needs.

student ice climbing

High Quality Facilities

Not your run-of-the-mill camp. Food, accommodations and activities that will wow you.

Covid-19 Safety
group of Prosago students in winter

Medeba is working hard to ensure the safety of our guests and staff. We are following the recommendations of our Local Public Health Unit, including:

  • Screening for Covid-19 symptoms prior to arrival and during the retreat
  • Recommend completing a Rapid Test of the group members prior to arrival
  • Recommend limited exposure for the 5 days leading up to a retreat at Medeba
  • Encouraging good hand hygiene with plenty of sanitizer available around our property
A Standard Program

12 hours of facilitated adventure program

  • Program is delivered by our trained facilitators.
  • Choose between 4 - three hour blocks or 8 - one and a half hour blocks.

Two nights accommodation

  • Housing in comfortable fully winterized cabins with fireplaces.
  • Up to 12 per cabin, single gender. 

6 meals and an unlimited coffee table

  • Typically from Wednesday dinner to Friday lunch

General use of the facility

  • Use of Recreation Activities and related equipment that do not require Medeba Staff supervision
  • Use of general media equipment

Teachers & Chaperones

  • For every 10 students you bring, we'll give you one leader FREE!


  • From Jan - May long weekend: $164+HST per person
  • After May long weekend - June: $169+HST per person
  • September: $169+HST per person
  • October: $164+HST per person
  • Camping (no meals); $109+HST per person


General Notes:


  • Due to Covid-19, we are continuing to change to comply with Public Health recommendations. We are working hard to ensure the safety of our staff and guests during your stay.
  • Arrival is 1:00 PM Wednesday and Check-out by 2:00 PM Friday.
  • Meal Times: Breakfast is typically at 8:00AM, Lunch at 12:30 PM, and Dinner at 5:30 PM.
  • Special accommodations, motel type, are available for group teachers and chaperones.
  • All guests must supply their own bedding.
  • Medeba has a minimum booking capacity of 25 people. This can be met by combining the numbers from multiple groups. If you have less than 25 people in your group, please contact us to see if there are other groups on-site.
  • Reserving the Facility: To have the use of the entire facility a group must pay for a minimum of 130 guests.
  • Sharing the Facility: If you are not a group of 130 or more you may be sharing the facility with multiple groups. This means sharing activity areas and our dinning hall. There will be a dedicated meeting room for your group to use.

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