Staff at Medeba

Staffing for our  groups consists of select individuals from around the world who are a part of our 10-Month leadership development program, called Proságo. They have completed weeks of intensive training and certification on instructing our activities. They have also received significant training in facilitation skills.


Each of our staff have gone through comprehensive interviews and have provided a valid Police Check from their respective country.


Safety at Medeba

Safety is a priority at Medeba and we make it a priority to provide an exciting adventure experience, while maintaining the safest possible risk management strategies. Our goal is for each participant to push themselves, challenge perceived limitations, and return home having learned valuable life lessons.

First Aid

All of our staff are certified in Standard First Aid or equivalent and CPR. Medeba has an AED unit onsite in a central location.


Medical Emergencies

Medeba has emergency response by calling 911. The Haliburton Hospital is located about 10-15 minutes from Medeba and the Minden Hospital is located about 20 minutes from Medeba.


Risk Management

Medeba has extensive Risk Management Standards for each of our activity areas. All of our staff facilitating activities know these standards and facilitate by them.


One of Medeba's main principles is "Challenge by Choice." This means that if a participant decides that he or she does not want to participate in any of our activities, while we will still encourage participation, the participant will not be required to do so by our staff.


Safety Standards

ACCT: The Association for Challenge Course Technology set standards for construction and running challenge courses. Medeba is a member of and adheres to ACCT standards. Included in this is yearly  third party comprehensive inspection of our challenge courses.


TSSA: The Technical Standards & Safety Authority governs our zip line. Medeba complies with these standards.


OPHEA: The Ontario Physical and Health Education Association produce safety guidelines, Ontario Physical Health and Education Safety Guidelines, for facilitating activities. These standards are readily available for educators (schools & boards). Medeba complies with these standards with the following notes:  

  1. High/Low Ropes and Climbing Activities: Our head instructors are all trained and certified by a third party, ACCT certified training professional. Our facilitators are trained and certified by our head instructors. We believe that this meets the guidelines outlined for training of facilitators/staff by OPHEA.
  2. Canoeing, Kayaking and Stand Up Paddle Boarding: In order to comply with OPHEA, each student would need to perform a swim test; in our regular program time, we have not moved towards performing swim tests on site. Also, to comply with OPHEA for canoeing, kayaking and stand up paddle boarding, certified lifeguard(s) must be present; Medeba does not guarantee we always have staff available with those certifications. If your school would like to consider participating in these activities, please contact us.
  3. Ice Climbing: OPHEA does not recognize this as an "appropriate" activity for school boards, if you are interested in ice climbing, please consult with your Principal and School Board. We are happy to help with any questions and provide risk management for this activity.
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OPHEA Compliant!