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Day Camp is fun and exciting... 

group of summer campers in Haliburton, Ontario


...and Medeba's Day Camp delivers, every day!


Medeba Summer Camp offers a day camp program where campers are integrated with our overnight campers from after breakfast until dinner time. Our day campers are placed in cabin groups of 8 campers with 1 cabin leader. Day Camp runs from 8:30 a.m. - 5:15 p.m. Monday through Friday with registration and orientation on Sunday evening.
Blast Day Camp
Blast Day Camp

Ages 6-10

Going to camp is great fun and there is so much to do. Come to Blast for a great week of new friends, great activities and to meet some crazy Medeba characters. We recommend Blast for those who have never been to camp before, for a more structured program.

Discovery Day Camp
Discovery Day Camp

Ages 8-12

Discovery allows campers a growing sense of independence with the opportunity to choose their own four activities each day. Campers may also choose from several off-site Adventure Tours for added fun and excitement.

Venture Day Camp
Venture Day Camp

Ages 10-15

Venture Day Camp is full of energy and excitement. Campers have the opportunity customize their own experience by choosing the things they want to do, including recreational and instructional activities, joining an Adventure Tour, or honing a skill in one of our Adventure Clubs.