You need a break! Let us plan your week.

What it looks like:

Camp in a box - April Break logo

You and your kids need a break, and a chance to recharge. But in this Covid time, there aren't many options of places to go. Medeba is bringing back our successful Medeba-in-a-box program this April Break!

This program is designed for 8-13 year olds. The box will provide lots of options for at-home activities and things to do through out the week. Things to pick up and do without the time pressure of a zoom meeting. And fun things to do online with instructors and their peers!

It will still require parental supervision, depending on your child's age and ability.

The cost is only $59+HST! (And $49+HST for siblings.)

Register now!

Medeba-in-a-box camper in his fort with a fake campfire out front
At-home Activities

We'll be sending home exciting, easy to follow, activity cards for two 1hr at-home activities for each day! Our goal is to make these as fun and engaging as possible.

Additionally, there will be Bonus activities for each day - these may be ideas of things to do with the family, other crafts, things to do outside, and other Medeba related fun!

Medeba-in-a-box camper sitting at a campfire with an ipad, watching the skits and games
Live streamed events

Each day Medeba-in-a-box will provide opportunity to join in an 1hr of online instruction a day - like origami, painting, get moving, or solving a rubix cube!

Every afternoon, there will be another online event your child can attend - like campfire, Medeba Radio or a wide game on Zoom.

Schedule of the week

Medeba in a box schedule: Mornings - Breakfast Devo, activity 1, online activity. Afternoons: Activity 2, online event, bonus activities. Other: bonus activities, service crew, cabin clean up

How it works:

Step 1: Register

Step 2: A week of Medeba Summer Camp at home!

We will mail you a box! Open it for April Break - it will include a schedule for the week, at-home activity cards and challenges, links to any online instruction, links and passwords for our online live-streaming events and some Medeba swag and surprises.

It will also include a letter to the parents, to help you navigate a fun and fantastic week!

Safety is a priority!

Your child's safety is still our priority. We have done our research and have planned a few things to ensure that Medeba-in-a-box will safe and fun! Here are a few of them:

We will have a private Facebook group to share announcements and pictures of your kids having fun!

For any online meeting, there will be check-ins to ensure we know everyone attending. Each meeting will also include a minimum of 2 trained staff for facilitation and supervision.

We will be sending out clear guidelines for online use, so everyone will be on the same page before we start the program.