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Age 13-16 Nitro is a program exclusively designed for teens. This week is full of wild and crazy activities with plenty of time to just hang out with friends and relax. It's a great way to conclude your summer! Choose from a variety of instructional and recreational activities, Adventure Clubs and Adventure Tours.

Dates and Fees

Nitro (13 - 16 year olds)

Date: Aug 16 - 22
Cost: $779+HST

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Recreational activities are included in the general fee and emphasize having fun. They are generally one hour in length and can be taken as often as possible. Instructional activities are also included in the fee and emphasize learning a skill through formal instruction. They are generally one hour per day for the entire week. For an even greater concentration on skill development, consider choosing an Adventure Club.


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Nitro dance partyAdventure Tours

Tours are available for campers in all Discovery, Venture and Nitro programs. The number of tours you choose will limit the amount of other activities you may do during the week. Limited spaces and minimum numbers apply. Please be aware that the Caving Tour, which occurs on Monday afternoons, will conflict with any Adventure Club.



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Nitro Weekly Schedule

Nitro Summer Camp Weekly Schedule


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