Activities at Medeba

Medeba has awesome activities for your retreat group to enjoy!

Create memories together, build your team and experience the outdoors together.

Medeba offers Recreational Activities and Adventure Activities to add to your retreat. 


Adventure Activities

These activities are facilitated and supervised by our trained staff and will have an additional cost.


As our thank you for bringing your group to Medeba we provide free activity time with the use of one of our trained instructors, based on the size of your group.


Additional activity hours are available for a charge. Adventure Activities cost $60.00/hour/activity + $30.00/hour/supervisor. Our activities can usually accommodate 10-15 people/hour/supervisor and some of our activities require a minimum number of supervisors.


Number of guests attending

Number of Free Activity Hours and Supervisor Hours

25 - 50 2 Activity Hours and 2 Supervisor Hours
51 - 75 4 Activity Hours and 4 Supervisor Hours
76- 100 6 Activity Hours and 6 Supervisor Hours
101 - 125 8 Activity Hours and 8 Supervisor Hours
126 - 150 10 Activity Hours and 10 Supervisor Hours
151+ 12 Activity Hours and 12 Supervisor Hours




Recreational Activities

These are included in your retreat fee, as we want you to have a lot of fun in your free time. Equipment is stored at the activity location,  making it easy to use without Medeba supervision.