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Give them an unforgettable summer camp experience!


Your child's summer shouldn't be boring!

They only get one chance to be a child

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Summer 2024

Fees and Dates 2024

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It's difficult to find worthwhile summer experiences for your child that they will love.

1.The choice of parents since 1952  2.Over 100 years of combined leadership experience that families trust 3.Over 70% of campers return each year 4.Industry leaders in safety management



•	A place to Belong 	? A place where your child feels accepted. They will be immersed into a supportive community led by role models who emphasize wholesome values within a Christian environment.    •	Accelerated Personal Growth 	? Summer Camp provides an atmosphere of significant learning that will last a lifetime. Your child will thrive while experiencing personal growth and new adventures.  •	A vacation for them and a vacation for you! 	?Summer Camp is specifically designed for children. Now, you can relax with confidence knowing that you gave your child a fun and exciting time away from home!

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Summer 2024

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How do I know if my child is ready for camp?
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Be a Hero! Give your child an unforgettable Summer Camp Experience!