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Working at Medeba allows you to be a part of our mission, which is to use adventure and community to challenge young people to continually say 'yes' to God


Our summer team work to use adventure and community to help inspire and develop youth - mentally, spiritually, socially and physically. Working at Medeba is a great summer job - and the benefits of working at summer camp go way beyond the summer!

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5 Benefits to becoming a Summer Staff at Medeba
  1. Make a difference in the lives of young people
  2. Gain valuable leadership experience
  3. Be yourself in a lasting and wholesome community
  4. Have a fun summer, filled with adventure, in the beautiful Haliburton Highlands
  5. Make lasting memories while challenging yourself to set out of your comfort zone


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There's a job for everyone this Summer! Here are the positions we are hiring for:

*Please note, some positions may be filled. Available positions can be seen at the time of applying


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Thinking of applying to work at Medeba? Here are a few things to know:


Most staff makes a 9 week commitment from June 21 until August 24, 2024. Some positions begin earlier. Specific dates will be specified on the contract for successful candidates. Shorter time commitments will be considered.


Our summer staff training runs for 10 days starting June 21, 2024 and is built into each staff’s contract. Some positions will require additional training. There is also a specific skills training weekend in May and Zoom training sessions for all staff starting in April and leading into the summer.

International Staff

We have had summer staff from all over the world and encourage any staff to apply regardless of the country they are in. Every country is different when it comes to paperwork, and we will work with each international staff to obtain a visa or paperwork, arrange transportation from the airport or into Canada, and anything else needed. An adequate understanding of the English language is needed to be on our summer staff team.


Staff working a minimum of 4 weeks will receive a honorarium between $175 and $255 per week. Room and board is included. Honorariums are paid by cheque at the completion of each contract. Specific times are offered for staff to be able to draw from their honorarium throughout the summer if needed.

All staff will receive an employment agreement once they have been officially accepted as a summer staff member and it is a binding contract between them and Medeba.

Time Off

Time off is a valuable and important part of a healthy staff team. Every staff receives a minimum of 2 hours off a day and a 24 hour period off each week (generally from Saturday at noon until Sunday at noon). Specific times for this time off will vary by position.

Minimum Age

Every summer staff is required to be turning 17 by December 2024 or older. Younger than 17? We offer an amazing Leader-in-Training program for those 15-17.


Reference Checks

All new summer staff are required to submit 2 references, with some positions requiring 3 references. Returning staff may require a reference as well.

If you have been asked to be a reference for a staff candidate, they will send you a link to fill out directly. Contact us for more information.


Frequently Asked Questions

In most years, there are specific jobs available starting in Late April until June as well as from September into October. Most of these jobs are specific in skill set and are generally filled with summer staff that previously worked for Medeba. If you are interested in a Spring or Fall position please contact for more information.
  • All summer staff and volunteers are required to have an up to date Police Check completed. (Staff under the age of 18 will be required to submit a self-declaration form with a parent/guardian signature included).
  • All summer staff are required to be certified in Standard First Aid and CPR C.
  • All new summer staff need to submit 2 references. Some positions require 3 references. Returning staff may also need to submit references.
  • All summer staff are required to participate in necessary training and to abide by Medeba’s Code of Conduct, Targets and Boundaries, Social Safety and other policies.
  • All summer staff are required to be aware of Medeba’s Statement of Faith.
Medeba is a Christian Camp and our mission is to use adventure and community to challenge young people say yes to God. Some our summer staff positions do not require a staff member to be a Christian. Every staff is required to read and be aware of Medeba’s Statement of Faith.
Volunteers are crucial to a successful summer camp! We offer several week long volunteer options including cooking, maintenance, day camp, and more. If you are interested in volunteering at Medeba you can apply using “Apply Now” link and clicking the volunteer option.
Can’t give a full week? Contact to inquire about specific volunteer requests! Specific volunteer training and paperwork will be required for all volunteers. All volunteers must also abide by the same requirements listed above.
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