Why work at Medeba?

Being on our Summer Team will be life changing. It will be one of the most demanding and rewarding experiences of your life!

Working at Medeba allows you to be a part of our mission, which is to use adventure and community to challenge young people to continually say 'yes' to God

Our Summer Team work to use adventure and community to help inspire and develop youth - mentally, spiritually, socially and physically. Working at Medeba is a great summer job - and the benefits of working at summer camp go way beyond the summer!

Medeba staff dresses as the Avengers

Summer Camp is a dynamic environment that requires individuals to come together to form a team - learning to communicate and cooperate with passion, prayer and professionalism.

cabin group with cabin leader holding a sign

Each staff member is vital to our ministry. You will help create an incredible camper experience. You will have opportunities every day to take initiative and demonstrate responsibility as you look after camper's needs. Learn skills that will make your leadership shine in any environment.

staff teaching a group

We value our team and equip them with skills, training, encouragement, and celebration.

staff teaching a campers how to hold a bow
Developing Campers

We pursue staff who have a true desire to serve youth: to unlock and develop each camper's potential. Through your investment of conversation, skills, care, instruction, laughter and lifestyle modeling, you will help guide each camper grow in confidence and become their best self.

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Changing Lives

Every staff member has the opportunity to impact our campers and be a part of the memories that they will cherish. You will leave a positive, memorable imprint on many youth this summer.

staff at a campfire
Lasting Friendships

Spend the summer outdoors with the best part of camp - the people! Share the adventure, challenges, fun and excitement with people who get it; who understand your passion for camp, for kids and for community!



Things to Know!

Thinking of applying to work at Medeba? Here are a few things to know before you begin your application process:

Medeba is committed to employment equity and encourages all qualified candidates to apply. If you require an accommodation or other support at any point during the hiring/employment process please let us know as we will work with you to meet your needs. All responses will be handled with strict confidence.


You will receive an honorarium for your Summer Camp service. The value is listed with each position. We provide additional funding for past experience

  • Proságo Graduates
  • LIT Program Graduates
  • Past Medeba Summer Staff Experience
  • NLS or Bronze Cross

Other benefits include room and board, skills training, use of laundry facilities, use of adventure activities and facilities, staff discounts

Clothing Benefits

We desire to honour returning staff for their ongoing yearly commitment by providing the following clothing benefits:

  • Every year: Staff t-shirt
  • Second year: Staff hoodie
  • Third year: Staff polar fleece jacket
  • Fourth year: Staff coat
  • Fifth year: Adventure gear or clothing of choice (Value of $300)

Terms and Conditions

An Employment/Win-Win Agreement and acceptance package will be sent to you once you have been officially accepted as a summer staff member and is a binding contract between you and Medeba. We hire our staff expecting them to finish their entire term of ministry as outlined in the agreement allowing effective staff planning for the summer.

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Summer Positions


Summer Staff Application Process

Please read all the information thoroughly and begin praying that God would lead you in the process of applying to be a summer camp staff at Medeba.

All of our staff and volunteers go through a similar application process which involves 4 steps:

Step 1 - Application
Step 2 - References
Step 3 - Interview
Step 4 - Submit Police Check, Standard First Aid, CPR, and other supporting documents

Our application procedures are slightly different depending on what you are applying for. Please follow the appropriate link to see what your application process looks like.

New and Returning Summer Staff

Volunteering/Parent Staff


International Staff

If you are not a Canadian Citizen, you will need to have immigration papers/documents in order to work in Canada.

To best assist you, please email our Assistant Summer Camp Director at chris@medeba.com

You should fall into one of the following categories:

  1. You wish to stay in Canada for a longer period of time, and either work or travel before and/or after your employment. In order to do this, you would need to apply for a working holiday visa or become part of the Student Work Abroad Program. This is a process that you would do on your own, it is not dependent upon information from Medeba.
  2. You wish to work for a summer season, then you plan to return home. In this case, you may apply for a Charitable Workers Work Permit. Once you have completed the Medeba Summer Staff Application successfully and been offered a job, you will be provided with the necessary paperwork.

Important note

All immigration processes can take an extended period of time to complete. All paperwork must be submitted to your local immigration centre at least 12 weeks prior to the contract start date.

For this year, with travel restrictions due to Covid-19, be sure you know what the travel restrictions are in your country concerning travelling to Canada.

Payroll Policy

Once hired, international staff will be considered employees and must obtain a Social Insurance Number.

To best assist you, please email our Assistant Summer Camp Director, Chris Weir at chris@medeba.com.