We have some awesome activities for you to enjoy! We invite you to explore all of the activities Medeba has to offer!

Summer Camp at Medeba offers a large range of onsite activities that are included in your summer camp fee, from zipline to archery to stand up paddleboards. With so much to do, you may have to come back for a second week!


We also offer some additional activities that you can add on to your child's experience. Some of these have a small fee associated, for supplies or transportation.


Instructional Activities

Instructional Activities emphasize learning a skill through formal instruction. They run for one period each day for the whole week.


girl shooting a bow at Medeba Summer Camp in Haliburton Archery

Could you be the next Katniss? Nock your arrow, aim and fire when ready! With different bow sizes and targets adjustable to distance, this activity will challenge both beginners and experienced. With Instructional Archery, spend 1 activity period every day working on your Archery Levels.

 Arts and Crafts

Get inspired this summer with our Arts and Crafts programs! With Instructional Crafts, you will spend 1 activity period everyday working on a project that you will be proud to take home. From jean backpacks to pillows, from paper jewellery to musical instruments- let your creativity soar!

campers canoeing in Grass lake, Medeba, HaliburtonCanoeing

Grab a paddle and join into this great traditional camp activity. Enjoy the sun and the lake as you start with basic strokes and learn to navigate your canoe in the Medeba bay in Grass Lake. In Instructional Canoeing, spend 1 activity period every day in learning canoeing techniques.


campers showing off their jewellery creations at Medeba Summer CampJewellery Creations

Make your own beautiful and quality jewellery. Spend 1 activity period everyday working on creating a variety of different pieces using different techniques. Because of the specialized supplies, there is an additional charge of $13.50 for this activity. (HST included)

kayakers on grass lake, Medeba, Haliburton, ontario Kayaking

Smoothly paddle around the Medeba bay on a sit-on kayak!  In Instructional Kayaking, spend 1 activity period a day enjoying time on the water and in the sun. Learn different paddling techniques to set you up for success in lake water kayaking.

camper mountain biking at Medeba Summer Camp Mountain Biking

Explore our nearly 10 kms of trails and learn different riding techniques on our double and single track trails. In Instructional Mountain Biking, you will spend 1 activity period a day on your bike. You can also try out our pump track and learn about some basic bike maintenance.

boy showing off his homemade pottery mug, Medeba Summer Camp Pottery

Design, sculpt, paint and fire your own take home projects. Let your creativity guide you in making a cup, plate, bowl or sculpture by hand. Because of the specialized supplies, there is an additional charge of $13.50 for this program (including HST)


Try your hand at marksmanship and practice your target shooting with our air rifles. Work your way from beginner to Range Master in our Riflery Levels. For Instructional Riflery, you will spend 1 activity period every day learning from our trained instructors.

 Rock Climbing

Climb to new heights with our Rock Climbing Instructional. Learn climbing techniques and try out a variety of routes on our rock climbing walls. Tie different climbing knots and learn how to belay. The Rock Climbing Instructional is 1 activity period a day.

teaching swimming lessons, Medeba Summer Camp, Haliburton, Ontario Swimming

Sign up for a week of Lifesaving Society Swim for Life lessons. Your child can work towards their next level for 1 hour a day all week. Our certified instructors will work with your child at their level,  whether they are just getting comfortable in the water, or working on their freestyle stroke.

boys at woodworking, Medeba Summer Camp Woodworking

A fantastic project to take home! The campers all work on the same woodworking project throughout the week, but creativity comes alive to produce individual and unique items. Woodworking costs an additional $23.50 (HST included)