Group of campers at High Ropes at Summer Camp in Haliburton

We offer a wide selection of recreational and adventure activities every week!

Summer Camp at Medeba offers a large range of onsite activities that are included in your summer camp fee, from zipline to archery to stand up paddleboards. With so much to do, you may have to come back for a second week!

There are 4 activity periods every day! For Blast campers, they rotate through each activity with their cabin group. For Discovery, Venture and Nitro* - campers get to choose what they would like to do for their activity periods! Want to rock climb for all 4 activities? Go for it!

Every day, we will list the activities that are being offered per activity period on the Activity Board. Cabin by cabin, the campers can see what's being offered and choose from that list.

* There are only 3 choice periods for Nitro, as the fourth activity period is used for team challenges.

There are FOUR categories of Activities to choose from!


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Recreational Activities

Recreational Activities allow the campers to experience that activity and emphasize just having fun! They take up one activity period and you can participate in the activity as often as possible! All of these activities are available to every camper with no additional costs.

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Instructional Activities

Instructional Activities emphasize learning a skill through formal instruction. They run for one period a day for the whole week and some require additional fees. Not available for Blast.

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Adventure Tours

Adventure Tours are like field trips! They give campers the opportunity to go off-site and visit a local attraction. They take up two activity periods and would take place once during your camper's week. There are additional fees. Available during Discovery and Venture.


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Adventure Clubs

Like a mix of both instructional activities and adventure tours. Clubs take up 2 activity periods a day for the whole week. Campers start on-site working on basic skills and learning techniques, then are taken off-site the last few days to continue developing their skills. This is a great opportunity to learn something new and explore a sense of adventure. Additional costs apply. Only available in Venture.


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Free Time

This is a time period offered every day after activity 4 and before dinner. Campers have the opportunity to choose what they'd like to do in the moment. They can go swimming, play in the park, check out the tuck shop and so much more. There's always something to do!

Evening Activities

The fun doesn't stop at dinner time either! We have multiple evening programs that run for overnight campers. Check out the list below and get excited!

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