General Expectations and Information

Teacher's Information

Expectations for Teachers

Our goal is to provide a well-run facility so teachers can join in and participate with their students during programming.  As well as looking after general supervision, teachers are responsible for the evening program, and supervision in the Dining Hall.  We ask that you communicate the following rules and expectations to your group prior to your arrival.


Statement of Beliefs

Medeba exists to honour God and develop people.  By entering into an Outdoor Education Agreement with Medeba, your group affirms that it will use Medeba’s facilities and services in a manner that will not contradict Medeba’s Statement of Beliefs about our Faith and the World. Please click here for a copy of these statements.


Public Schools

Medeba is a Christian organization by philosophy and culture, however we realize and are sensitive to the fact that “preaching” is not appropriate for public schools.  At the beginning of your stay, we will, however, take an opportunity to explain who Medeba is.  We expect that a Christian prayer of thanksgiving is done before each meal.


Christian Schools

We generally do not do a traditional chapel during your stay.  Instead, we prefer to use the teachable moments encountered in the adventure activities.  However, we would enjoy doing a morning devotional for your class; please contact the Guest Group Coordinator if you are interested.


Booking Information

Minimum and Maximum Capacities

A minimum of 25 guests mid-week or 40 guests on a weekend are required for Medeba to be open to groups.  This quota can be met by either bringing the minimum, or by sharing the site with other groups so that the total number onsite is at least our minimums.  Likewise, Medeba has a maximum capacity of 180 guests (depending on the arrangements that have been made).  Medeba may or may not be able to accommodate changes to the size of your group.  If the number of people planning to come on a retreat changes, it is the retreat organizer’s responsibility to immediately communicate this with Medeba.


Sharing Facilities

If you do not rent the entire facility (minimum rental of 130 participants), you may be sharing some recreational activities and the Dining Hall with another group(s).  We appreciate your courtesy towards other groups we are accommodating. If there are certain activities you’d like to do in your free time, please contact the host with such requests so that they can arrange this with the other group(s) on site.



Full payment is due upon arrival by cheque or cash. 



To confirm a booking with us, Medeba requires a booking deposit. This deposit has two purposes; the first is a non-refundable booking deposit in the event of a cancellation and the second is a damage deposit. This deposit is not applied to the cost of the retreat. Once Medeba has received full payment for the retreat, and an inspection of the facilities used by the group has been successfully passed, the deposit will be returned to the group. 

Any damages or excessive cleaning incurred by Medeba due to the group will be deducted from the deposit refund. "Raiding" and practical jokes are often the cause of property damage so please refrain. Any extra cleaning or damage associated with “pranking” will be subject to a minimum $100 fine (i.e. shaving cream, toothpaste, honey, etc.).


Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of a retreat will result in the loss of the group’s deposit.  This money will go towards covering Medeba’s administration fees, and any potential lost revenue.


Accommodations and Site Information

General Accommodations

All of our cabins have 11 beds in each: 5 bunk beds and a single bed.  Four of the bunks are in a main area and one is behind a partition. This bunk bed can be used for leaders or teachers, which allows them to have some privacy.  The cabins are carpeted and are heated via a propane fireplace.  We ask that males and females, whether they are students or leaders, not enter the sleeping accommodation of the opposite gender.


Teacher or Chaperone Accommodations

If you require separate sleeping and showering facilities for teachers or chaperones, please contact Medeba to make arrangements.


Bedding & Personal Supplies

Each person needs to bring his or her bedding.  We recommend a sleeping bag, pillow, and personal effects such as soap, shampoo, towel, etc.


Standard Meeting Room

Medeba will provide your group with their own private meeting room. Each meeting room is supplied with seating. Other equipment can be requested as per your contract.


Audio/Visual Equipment

Our primary meeting rooms, the Lodge, Hub, and Junction, each have a 6-channel amp and two speakers.  Microphones, projectors, and DVD players may be requested, as per your contract.



We ask that any music and other forms of media with offensive lyrics or offensive content not be played while at Medeba.


Noise Curfew

For the sake of other guests and staff who are on the property please note that there is a noise curfew between 11 PM and 7 AM.


Campfire Areas

There are many campfire areas at Medeba.  Our largest campfire area has seating for up to 200 people.  Wood and supplies to start a fire are both provided.  Please talk to your host during your stay to arrange a campfire.


Food Service and Dining Hall Information

Dining Hall

Meal times on weekends are typically at 8:30 AM, 12:30 PM, and 5:30 PM.


In an effort to keep our prices low and promote community participation, we have the students assist in setting the tables before the meal and assist in cleaning up the dining hall and dishes after the meal. In your schedule, we allow 30 minutes prior to the meal for setup and up to 45 minutes after the meal for clean up.  Please assign a Supervisor who will be present for all the meals to assist the Medeba staff


If you would prefer that Medeba provided the above service for your group, we are able to do so for an additional fee. 
Each dining table is responsible for clearing off their tables of dirty dishes and left over food before leaving the dining hall.


Health regulations require that dry foot wear and dry clothing be worn while in the Dining Hall.


As well, please do not bring food or drink into any of our other buildings, this will help to keep our floors clean and any unwanted animals out.


Restricted Diets

Medeba provides alternative food for those who have a restricted diet. Medeba will only provide alternate meals for guests who have returned their restricted diet checklist form.



Safety Information and Emergencies

Health and Safety

Our goal is to make your stay at Medeba as fun and as safe as possible.  It is imperative that you fill out the Insurance information to be able to participate in any activity at our site.  It is in your best interest to let Parents know the activities that their children will be participating in.  The group is responsible for all health-related issues pertaining to their group.  Medeba, in an emergency, can provide Standard First Aid if necessary, but cannot dispense any medications.  We also recommend that each group bring along Health Card information on each of their students.


Emergency Procedures

In case of emergency the dinner bell will ring continually.  If this happens please gather in the large playing field located beside the playground area.


Inclement Weather

Unfortunately weather can be unpredictable at times; as a result there are no refunds due to weather.  Medeba is able to offer some indoor facilities and activities in the case of inclement weather.


Hospital Transportation

Your group is responsible for health insurance and for transportation to the hospital in the event that it is needed.


Group Transportation

Schools are responsible for transportation to and from Medeba. If a student requires transportation home during your stay, the school will be responsible for transportation.  Medeba vehicles are not available for this purpose.


Things not allowed at Medeba

Chewing Gum
Nuts and Nut products