Develop yourself and your leadership skills with Medeba's LIT program

Medeba’s Leader in Training (LIT) program is designed to develop leadership potential and encourage personal growth in young people. The program emphasizes the development of Christian and outdoor leadership skills through the use of adventure and community. It offers a balance of formal training, mentoring, and practical-hands on experience and is a great transition between being a camper and becoming a staff member.


We highly encourage any young person who has a desire to develop and use their leadership skills to consider this unique training opportunity. It will provide essential skills that can be used in any aspect of life, and specific training for those aspiring to be on Medeba staff.  At the end of the program, successful participants will receive a certificate of completion, which will be a valuable addition to a resume. 


LIT is an 8-week program that is broken into two-parts. It is usually taken over two summers, but may be taken in one summer if requirements are met.

Leader in Training 1

Ages Cost Dates
15 - 17 2650.00    July
Availability Girls: Accepting Applications Boys: Accepting Applications

Leader in Training 2

Ages Cost Dates
16 - 18 2650.00    August 
Availability: Girls: Full Boys: Full
Program Overview

Leader in Training Part 1

LIT 1 emphasizes learning foundational outdoor skills (hard skills) offered in our programs and provides an overview of skills needed to work with people (soft skills).


LIT 1 Application 


Leader in Training Part 2

LIT 2 builds on the hard skills learned in LIT 1, while emphasizing the development of personal leadership skills needed to work with people (soft skills). Candidates must have completed Leader In Training 1 or at least the equivalent in another program.


LIT 2 Application 


Pre-requisites of All Leader In Training Participants

  • Demonstrate leadership aptitude
  • Demonstrate love for young people
  • Good physical condition
  • Ability to work well with others in a variety of situations
  • A keen desire to learn and teach
  • A lifestyle consistent with Medeba's standard of behaviour


LIT Information Package


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LIT Course Description


LIT Information and Expectations