LIT Course Description

Session Overview

Leaders-in-Training are taught using a variety of teaching styles and settings. The following is a list of the core teaching areas and topics.

Personal Development

The more you can understand yourself, the better you will be able to understand what you need from those you’re leading or following.

Also, by understanding yourself, you will also be able to understand those around you and hopefully be able to work better and more easily with them. The list below covers the overall areas we cover through our LIT program.

Leader in Training 1

  • Know and Evaluate Self
  • Learn about differences in others
  • Acknowledging social pressures
  • Building life skills

Leader in Training 2

  • How to use your own personality to positively affect your leadership
  • Reflecting, evaluating and setting goals for personal growth
  • Create opportunities for personal reflection and growth
  • Acknowledge and address influences in your life



Leadership Development

There are so many components to leadership and being a leader; the following are the topics we focus on during LIT.

Our goal is for each participant to be exposed to the basics of these leadership topics and each participant to have the opportunity to practice what they have learned as well as explore their leadership style. The LIT staff provides insightful feedback continually that is specific to each participant in order for them grow as a leader in their own leadership style.

Leader in Training 1

  • Lead Yourself
  • Introduction and observation of Leadership Concepts
  • What makes good teamwork
  • What makes good followership

Leader in Training 2

  • Lead others
  • Put Leadership Concepts into action
  • How strengths and weaknesses affect your own leadership
  • Practice and feedback

Spiritual Growth

Medeba's mission is to use Adventure and Community to challenge young people to say "Yes" to God.

Our goal is for each participant to learn more about a God who loves us and more about Christianity.

Leader in Training 1

  • Introduction to Jesus and the gospel
  • Learn about Biblical Truths and Biblical narrative

Leader in Training 2

  • How to apply the gospel to your own life and make your faith your own
  • Learn about the value of Christian community

Adventure Skills

Training is given in most skills offered at Medeba. Each LIT will have the opportunity to experience these activities.

We recognize that participants will vary greatly in their skill levels prior to this course. Also, each participant will be more interested in certain skills we teach; each participant will further their skills in each area as far as possible.

Leader in Training 1

  • Growth through Risk
  • Experience new activities
  • Day Solo Trip
  • 4 Day Canoe Trip
  • Rock Climbing Day Trip
  • Kayaking Day Trip

Leader in Training 2

  • Growth through Risk
  • Skill development in adventure activities
  • Leadership opportunities with campers in activities
  • Overnight Solo Trip
  • 5 Day Canoe Trip
  • Rock Climbing Day Trip
  • Kayaking Day Trip

Operating an Outdoor Centre

Operating an outdoor centre is about much more than just fun programming. There are many different areas that are required for an outdoor centre to operate. Also, there is a tremendous amount of planning and preparing before the arrival of any campers.

Participants will learn general principles of operating an outdoor centre. As well, we give each participant the opportunity to be part of a leadership team to prepare and lead a portion of operating an outdoor centre. We believe that this will help participants understand the greater picture of leadership.

Leader in Training 1

  • Introduction to running an Outdoor Center
  • Introduce Year Round Staff
  • Experience in Summer Staff Roles
  • Assist Medeba's Operations staff

Leader in Training 2

  • Introduction to being a Medeba Summer Staff
  • Acquire skills and experience in Summer Staff Roles
  • Connect with Year Round Staff
  • An opportunity to "give back" with a service project