Interested in applying for LIT 1?

If you are interested in our LIT program, and think you have what it takes, we invite you to apply to LIT 1!

The application process includes 4 steps:

  1. A written application
  2. Reference letters
  3. An interview with our LIT Staff
  4. Upon acceptance, you will fill out an LIT agreement form and LIT financial form
Step 1 - Application   LIT 1 Application
Step 2 - References

You are required to have three different people complete and submit a reference form:

  1. Friend reference
  2. Teacher/Employer reference
  3. Pastor/Spiritual Leader reference

Please send them this link: LIT reference form

Step 3 - Interview

Once your application and references are received, our LIT Director will contact you directly to set up an interview time. Please check your email.

Step 4 - LIT Agreement and Finances Form

If you are approved for LIT, we will send you the Agreement and Finances Form. Once you have returned this form, your LIT acceptance will be official! Congratulations!

Apply Now! LIT 1 Application